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The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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4 The WRANGLER, Horse and Rodeo News • April 20- May 4, 2022 RIVERTON, Wyo., — Since 1987, Jim and Paule e Moss have been at the helm of The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News. What started as Jim's idea on how to inform team ropers where to rope, has become one of the western region's premier news sources for horse and rodeo enthusiasts. Jim and Paule e have built something very special. They DeLancey Family Taking the Reins SHORTLY AFTER MIKE HENRY RECEIVED HIS FIRST COPY OF THE WYOMING WRANGLER (1987) he called Jim Moss because he read an ar cle that we had published about ACTRA (American Computer Team Roping Associa on). Jim Moss, Mike Henry and Dick Willis were instrumental in the forma on of the Wyoming Chapter of ACTRA as they all knew that something had to be done to help the struggling team roping industry. L-R: Jim Moss, Riverton; Mike Henry, Douglas and Dick Willis, Wheatland. IN 1990, JIM AND PAULETTE MOSS not only published The WRANGLER (formerly Wyoming Wrangler) they also published the NIRA News (Na onal Intercollegiate Rodeo Associa on News). The WRANGLER CLASSIC was called the Anniversary Jackpots - but, people were confused and thought it was our wedding anniversary, so we changed the name to TWC. IN THE EARLY 1990'S USTRC CAME ALONG. Jim and Paule e Moss teamed up with Ed and Peggy Cox to promote USTRC in our region. Jim and Paule e Moss were among an elite group of about 93 USTRC Qualifier Producers. The WRANGLER CLASSIC was among the largest and quite possibly the most fun ropings west of the Mississippi, at the me. L-R: Jim and Paule e Moss; Jake Clark, Powell; Peggy and Ed Cox, Gille e. have covered thousands of team ropings, barrel races, horse sales, have conducted countless hours of interviews, and met some of the most interes ng and dynamic people along the way. A er 35 years on the rodeo trail, Jim and Paule e believe it's me to hand over the reins to the next genera on of equine enthusiasts. As fate would have it, some of the friends made on the rodeo trail is the DeLancey family. The DeLancey family is no stranger to The WRANGLER. A photo from one of Beau's unforge able goat tying runs as a pee wee in the Wyoming Junior Rodeo Associa on graced the cover of The WRANGLER in the April 5, 2012 issue, and in 2018 there was a feature ar cle on Raegen as she worked her way back from a severe injury. These are the types of stories The WRANGLER has focused on sharing, real stories about real people, horses and rodeo. The WRANGLER is a unique publica on because most readers know the people included in our ar cles, and our regional base creates a sense of familyhood amongst readers- which is our mission. At the me these stories were done on Beau and Raegen, no one would have an cipated that it would be the DeLancey family that would take over the reins of The WRANGLER. "The WRANGLER is the perfect fit for our family and aligns so well with our other business interests. From producing our team roping jackpots, the Hell on Wheels rodeo series, to promo ng our stallion, Heza Fiery Fling, and our feed store, we have adver sed and been part of The WRANGLER family for many years. Ge ng to know Paule e and Jim has been such a blessing. They are wonderful and kind people." said Cindy DeLancey of DeLancey Enterprises. The DeLanceys are thrilled to add The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News to the family business and are commi ed to con nuing the high standards and quality established by the current team. The DeLanceys are overwhelmed with gra tude, that they were selected by Jim and Paule e for this opportunity and look forward to learning from the best during the transi on and hand over. Raegen DeLancey is an agricultural communica ons major at the University of Wyoming and is currently on a rodeo scholarship. Raegen will take over as the Publisher of The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News when the me is right. Un l then, Dave, Cindy and Raegen will work closely with everyone at the The WRANGLER, sharing the updates from the rodeo trail and telling the story of the west's cowboy custom and culture. DeLancey Family

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