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05-05-22 TW Digital

The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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4 The WRANGLER, Horse and Rodeo News • May 5-19, 2022 Wri en by Hope Raley Way before they were roping partners, Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo were friends first, and it's that very reason that Thompson believes the chemistry is undeniable for the super-hot women's team of her and DeSalvo. When the dream team backed into the box at the Lazy E Arena during the Charlie 1 Horse All- Girl Team Roping held during BFI week, it was like déjà vu. And when the dust had se led and it was Thompson and DeSalvo who had the fastest aggregate me of 30.78-seconds on four steers, it wasn't just déjà vu, it was history repea ng itself. Winning the BFI is a goal that many will never achieve, and now Thompson and DeSalvo can say that they have done it not only once, but twice. "Any win is great, especially with how tough the compe on has go en, but to win the BFI twice is certainly something that I will always cherish and will always be one of my greatest accomplishments," explained header of the equa on, Hope Thompson. In 2020, Thompson and DeSalvo won the iconic roping for the first me. Winning any roping today is hard and winning a pres gious event such as the BFI All-Girl means you be er be roping sharp, have that special partner, and have the horsepower to make it all happen. Every top woman team roper enters the BFI with only one thing in mind- winning. "The best of the best enter the BFI All-Girl, so you definitely have to be on top of your game when you back into the box," said Thompson. "Roping with Whitney makes that easy. I've roped with her long enough that I know that all I need to do is hold up my end of the deal and Whitney will clean it up." Both Thompson and DeSalvo credit the horses under them for their repeated success at the All- Girl. Thompson aboard 11-year-old Andre and DeSalvo aboard 11-year-old Becky. Thps and DeSalvo 2022 BFI All-Girl Team Roping Champions With the evolu on of women's roping, Thompson is proud to be a small part along the journey. "Women's roping has always been around, but now that they are showcasing us alongside the big dogs with big payouts, it's giving us huge opportunity to actually make a living with a rope. I am so passionate about what I do, and I think this is huge for the rodeo industry. I am thankful for the women in the past who have fought to see the vision, the current women who take a stand for us, and I hope that the future steps up and makes it even be er than where we le it." For a complete list of results from the 45TH annual BFI, visit bfi-week-results/. WICKENBURGHORSE PROPERTYFORSALE

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