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The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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October 5-19, 2022 • The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News • 25 Royalty Round-Up With Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Madelaine McElwee A s I am writing this, I have returned from the Pendleton Round-Up and now only have one more rodeo to attend as Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2022, the Mountain States Circuit Finals. It is a bittersweet feeling for sure. While I am sad the rodeo season is coming to a close, there are plenty of other events throughout the Fall I will be able to attend and enjoy. It all wraps up at the Miss Rodeo America 2023 pageant in Las Vegas in late November. I had an appearance in Cody, WY to help with their fundraiser for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and will soon attend the fundraising auction for the Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt. After that, I head to the Converse County Hospital Banquet and followed by a little bit of a break, which is nice because preparation for the pageant can be difficult on the road. I have put over 18,000 miles on my F-250 from Laramie Range Ford since I received it in early May, and show no signs of slowing down. Thrvough the summer I was at a different rodeo every weekend and was often only home long enough to drop off my dry cleaning and I pick up what I'd left there the week before! This month I will have my Miss Rodeo America 2023 Pageant Send- Off party to help raise funds and morale for the pageant. I didn't come into this title the normal way, and the outpouring of support I've gotten from my local community despite this has been phenomenal. I was awarded 1st runner-up at the Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2022 pageant last August and was living in Alaska when I got the phone call that the girl who won had resigned due to health issues. I spent a week packing, selling my truck, and getting my multi-engine rating (I am a pilot, by the way) before moving home to fulfill the role of Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2022. One thing that is interesting about being a rodeo queen is that when it comes down to it, you often don't know what your future will look like post-pageant. The fate of the next year (or more) of your life lies in the hands of judges, who may or may not decide in your favor, and because of this, you can't make definitive plans past the pageant. If I don't come out of Las Vegas with the title of Miss Rodeo America 2023, I will continue with my flight training in January, with a flight instructor instrument license. My time as Miss Rodeo Wyoming has been a whirlwind and as the dust begins to settle I couldn't be more thankful for the hard work of my family, sponsors, and committee members who it wouldn't be possible without. Thank you! This monthly column is sponsored by Traction Financial Partners 307-672-9738 | | Upcing Events Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2023 Coronation Sheridan, Wyoming For more information & to purchase tickets, visit Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2022 Send-Off Party Laramie, Wyoming NOV 5 OCT 28

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