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TW Digital 10-05-22

The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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66 • The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News • October 5-19, 2022 THE EQUINETY LINE OF PRODUCTS MAKE FOR A SOLID SUPPLEMENT FOUNDATION FOR ANY HORSE AT ANY STAGE OF LIFE. • Faster Recovery • Joint Support • Ulcer Prevention • Increase Focus • Soft Tissue Repair • Increase Relaxation • Stronger Immune System • Improve Hoof Growth • Anti-In• ammatory • Senior Horse Care • Allergy Reduction • Weight Management • Improve Bone Health • Improve Coat Condition and more... "I started using Equinety because I have heard success stories on soft tissue problems in performance horses. My two best horses have both had issues over the last year and I wanted to help them with recovery time. Equinety helped me get them back in the arena and performing better than ever!" -2X World Champion Team Roper, 2X BFI Champion, The American Rodeo Champion, 12X NFR Quali er PATRICK SMITH 2X WORLD CHAMPION TEAM ROPER 2X WORLD CHAMPION 9X NFR QUALIFIER "I love knowing I'm getting an all natural sugar free supplement that helps my horses look and feel better. Their general soundness has improved since feeding Equinity, as well as their energy levels & over all muscle strength." PAUL EAVES "We were introduced to Equinety while researching the best options to rehab our horse with a fractured co• n bone. Recovery time was cut down by a substantial amount and we feel Equinety was a large factor in that! We continue to see amazing results with this product and feel as if we are giving our horses the very best with this in our program." TYLER WADE 5X NFR QUALIFIER "Since using Equinety, I've noticed a big difference in the range of motion on my horse in the back end. He has a lot more conƒ dence when he travels and the way he works. Equinety is a solid foundation supplement for me to use on all the different horses I have. It beneƒ ts them in all the different aspects of what I'm asking them to do. The Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC help keep my horses stay sound and ready to do their job!" WORLD CHAMPION TEAM ROPER 6X NFR QUALIFIER WESLEY THORP "The Equinety products are a go-to for me and all of my horses whether it's the two-year-olds or the six-year-olds. With our program, it's important to manage their health and their soundness. The eight amino acids in the Equinety products help my horses through all different stages of my particular program. Having partners like Equinety is vital for me." PROFESSIONAL ROPE HORSE TRAINER MILES BAKER Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC support the following:

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