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The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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February, 2023 • The WRANGLER • 29 TEAM ROPING It Pays To Be Royal By Aften Peterson I n all ways the Royal Crown strives to be a royal return on your investment, and both buyers and sellers can see the effects of that at the Royal Crown Horse Sales. Over the past few years there have been many dreams bought and sold through The Royal Crown Horse Sale. All horses purchased through the Royal Crown Horse Sales are eligible to compete at all of the Royal Crown events for life, regardless of stallion status. This means that purchasing through this sale, ensures that your horse will be eligible for the ever-growing purses at the Royal Crown events. "When they go through the sale, they are eligible for life," Matt Zancanella, Royal Crown producer and owner says. "So if that stud for some reason goes out of the program, they change spots, or that stud dies, that horse you bought at the sale is still eligible for the rest of its life. Going through the sale guarantees you a lifetime to come participate in the Royal Crown events. " It always pays to be riding a Royal Crown incentive horse with the tremendous payouts at these events. The Royal Crown Horse Sale Graduate Sidepot during the Rock Springs event is another way to cash in on your investment of a Royal Crown sale horse. Not only will horses bought at the Royal Crown Horse Sale be eligible for the purse money up for grabs for everyone, but horses acquired through the Royal Crown Horse Sale are then eligible for the Royal Crown Horse Sale Graduate Sidepot. This gives the sale horses the opportunity to run at over $50,000 in extra money, $25,000 in the barrels and $25,000 in the roping events in Rock Springs each year! "Today we had a girl win $40,000 in the futurity, just today," says Matt Zancanella at the Buckeye, AZ event. "That is not including her carry overs or the side pots." "We're wanting to give a lot of money away, when you leave you won't believe what the size of your check is." With this being the first year for an online sale during the Buckeye event the sale producers want buyers to be able to purchase with confidence. For this reason, the Royal Crown Horse Sale had South Valley Equine available on site to do pre-purchase exams for anyone wishing to set one up. The online sale makes it so no matter where you are in the country you can have the chance to buy a Royal Crown horse. "For those already breeding to Royal Crown stallions, this is a great way to take and market that offspring," says Zancanella. With so many horses on the market it is important to get the right eyes on your horse when consigning to a sale. The Royal Crown Horse Sales sees the value in helping you market your consigned horses to draw in the right buyers. Working alongside The Premier Horse, consigned horses are elevated on platforms to peak interest and draw attention to the horses you choose to showcase in The Royal Crown Horse Sale. If you are considering consigning a horse or on the hunt for your next dream horse, make sure to check out The Royal Crown Horse Sale and visit sale for more information. Consignments are still open for their next sale close on May 15th. The next Royal Crown Horse Sale will be May 19th through May 28th. Knippling Customs, photo courtesy of Royal Crown

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