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The WRANGLER Horse and Rodeo News is an equine and rodeo publication with circulation in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Utah and Idaho.

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32 • The WRANGLER • February, 2023 Horse Sales Go Digital Horse Sales Go Digital By Sarai Angelle The future of digital sales with Tyesha Wilson and The Premier Horse Tyesha Wilson is no stranger to selling horses, and with the current digital climate of horse sales being hot and on the rise, her work with her advertising and marketing company, The Premier Horse is at the forefront of the digital sales landscape selling and advertising thousands of horses. The Texas based cowgirl has successfully sold horses as a way to supplement her income over the last decade. Using her experience in the trenches as a buyer and a seller herself, Wilson took all of her knowledge and created the digital sales platform, The Premier Horse. It has become a hot bed for sales in multiple equine disciplines and generated sales across the world in multiple countries. "There's a repeatable sales process to effectively selling horses, which most importantly includes properly marketing and advertising online," Wilson explained, "there is an art to selling and buying, and doing it well. When I decided to create The Premier Horse I asked myself; what if I could create a company that could not only create strategically designed advertisements, but also in creating those advertisements limit seller's liability selling horses on social media and allow them to advertise their horses more effectively." "You roughly have 2-3 seconds to grab someone's attention while they are scrolling through social media and it has never been more important to have an advertisement that has all the information displayed in such a way to where they can quickly glance over it and have all the information that they need to decide if this is a horse that they are interested in pursuing." What started out as just creating digital sale advertisements has turned into much more at The Premier Horse. They offer full-service advertising and marketing for all your sales needs and have big plans in store to continue expanding what they can offer to the horse clients they serve. When you advertise with The Premier Horse, a seller can purchase a listing, and then opt in for monthly promotional services which includes a digital advertisement for their horse. It is a seamless and uncomplicated process that allows sellers to effectively market their horses, with the help of the team at The Premier Horse and their extensive background in equine sales. "When selling horses online make sure you have realistic expectations. Horses advertised through us sell, on average, within 49 days, which is roughly a month and a half," Wilson stated of the sales process, "in short we are a lead generation company, that allows owners and sellers to use their digital advertisements to advertise their horses to our large audience, as well as share it with their audience anywhere else that they choose." Knowledge; the foundation for a successful sale. "We want The Premier Horse to be a resource for our customers," Wilson explained, "we are working on producing educational content that will allow anyone to learn how to effectively market, advertise, sell and buy horses in person and online. There are many factors that play into successfully selling horses online, but one in particular is having professionally produced or properly taken photos and videos. When selling or advertising The equine industry experiences radical growth in digital sales. Courtesy Pjoto: Crystal Andersen, Big Sky Horse Sales

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